10 Must do in Puerto Princesa


Visiting Palawan inspired me to create this site. This place is really a place to come back for me.

Palawan is known for its unlimited beaches and natural wonders. It is known as the largest province in the country. Puerto princesa is the capital city of the province. It is dubbed as the City in a forest due to the greenery found in the city. The city was named after Princess Eulalia of Spain after the princess suffered an untimely death. Originally, it is named as Puerto de la Princesa but then it was reduced to Puerto Princesa as it is known today

As the second largest city in the county, the city offers a wide array of experience. If you have a limited time to roam around, in our case overnight, here are my top 10 must do in the city:

1.Explore the world class cave – Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

The Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a  famous spectacular cave systems in the world. Featuring amazing limestone landscapes, pristine natural beauty, and intact old-growth forests and distinctive wildlife. This really a must visit for every Filipino since it is chosen as one of the  New7Wonders_of_Nature. See it for yourself to see the amazing landscapes. The tour package usually comes with a buffet lunch!

underground river
A glimpse of the underground river

2. Taste the long oyster from the longest island – Tamilok 

Palawan’s delicacy are not pastries or breads.The province’s delicacy came from nature itself. Tamilok or woodworm is a famous among the exotic delicacy in palawan. It taste like oyster. Although it found inside the rotting mangroves, it belongs to a mollusk family. According to our guide the word ‘tamilok’ was coined by two Americans. They started calling one of their friends – “Tommy, look!”, after seeing the locals eating the tree worm. The big word “COURAGE” is needed to eat this type of this since it doesn’t look appealing at all.


3. Hold a baby crocodile

Crocodile Farm in Puerto Princesa is one of the tourist spot in the city. I’m really scared of lizards and crocodiles. I didn’t imagine myself touching one. I don’t what triggered me to have courage to hold it but i did! Crocodile sisig is also a must try but unfortunately we’re  unable to taste it cause the canteen was closed already.
Tip: Visit this place before 4pm for you if you want to taste it.

4. Visit Mitra’s ranch

The name is  Rancho Santa Monica. The people called it “Mitra’s Ranch”. Why? it is the property of the late statesman Ramon Mitra Jr., a pure proud Palaweño. This is dubbed as “Little Tagaytay” of the locals. This is the city’s viewing deck.

It was raining cats and dogs when we visited the place. Though we didn’t have a clear view of the city, but we witnessed a lightning nearby. It was horrifying and shocking, as they say it’s charged to experience.

5. Eat hopia at baker’s hill

Ube is my point of reference in any pastries. I really enjoyed their Ube hopia. At first, it looks like a first class subdivision. When we enter, it looks like a magical garden theme park bakery. I don’t know how to describe it or what it’s called but this place define on its own – baker’s hill.

6. Dinner at baywalk

To capped our daytour – our tour guide dropped us at the baywalk. Basically, it looks like the Baywalk or seaside in Manila but with a cleaner air and bay. The resto offers  “paluto” style – where in you can choose the fresh seafoods and they will cook the way you like it. The place offers a wide array of mouthful of fresh seafoods. Don’t forget to try it and also the “sa-ang” or spider shell.


7. Eat like a local 

If you’re on a budget trip – my tip for you is to live like a local. Eat on a local carinderia. The city offers a fresh and organic foods, roam around the city and try the carinderias for you to experience on what the local foods. Try to ask your hotel or hostel for their suggested carinderia.


8. Explore the city in 3 wheels

Tricycle is the one of the main transpo in the city. All I can say is that the drivers are friendly and accommodating. Talk to them and surely they’ll give you some tips on what the city can offer. The design of their tricycle is also unique. Each ride will cost around Php50.


9. Kasuy shoppping

Puerto princesa is also the “Cashew capital of the Philippines”  – no doubt the kasuy here are cheap. Health tip: These are some of the benefits of the Cashew nuts – prevents cancer, healthy heart, healthy nerves, anti-oxidants, better sleep and lowers blood pressure. So what are your waiting for, go ‘nuts’.

10. Taste the history and culture

The city is not only famous for its natural wonders and foods but also has rich history and culture. Go on a city tour to visit Plaza Cuartel and the Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

For just overnight, I really fell in love with this city – it feels like a second home city to me. Not only because there are a lot of people who can speak my native tongue but also because of the pristine beauty that the nature can offer. Indeed it really shows the wonders of God’s creation. Let’s help to preserve it.


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